Rocket Espresso Porta Via

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  • Includes 2 x 480g fresh roast specialty coffee
  • Save 5% on a wide range of grinders and 10% off most accessories when packaged with this machine. Coupons at checkout

The Porta Via is a prosumer espresso machine with a traditional, lever-activated 58-mm E61 group, drip tray, super quiet Ulka vibration pump, pressure gauge, and the ability to brew and steam milk simultaneously, all built directly into a hard-shell carrying case with a handle on top.

Weighing in at around 21kg, the case includes foam-padded slots for a pair of ceramic cups and saucers as well as a tamper, a professional-grade portafilter, jug and an external water reservoir. The Porta Via employs an actively heated group, 500ml coffee boiler and 800ml steam capacity. The boiler draws water downward from the cylindrical reservoir which locates onto the top of the machine.

The machine heats rapidly and is ready within about 10 minutes. It can be safely packed and carried away immediately after, even if still warm.

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