San Remo Cube



New from San Remo is the Cube, which relaunches this great brand into the domestic market.

Design and technology are combined in many different ways that make this machine ideal for home living or professional spaces, such as offices and shops, but also hotels and restaurants.

The two souls of CUBE

CUBE_V and CUBE_R are the two versions of this new machine.

Whilst maintaining the same attractive design, the CUBE_R differs from the basic version as it can be operated from an internal tank or plumbed to mains water. Aesthetically, it also stands out for the presence of the user display, which allows the barista to monitor parameters such as temperature and extraction time.

Both versions also share the Energy Saving System allows the machine to enter standby mode when not in use for considerable power savings.

Eclectic and stylish

The CUBE can be customised for any environment, both professional and domestic. Three different looks and a variety of colours allow for creativity and flair.

Compact and technological

Sanremo CUBE is a latest-generation machine, technological and intuitive. A smartphone of computer driven web app allows the user to adjust the water temperature, monitor machine statistics and also program on/off times

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