Shop roaster filter 12kg/hr with smoke and odour management


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Inlet diameter: 80mm

Suits: Most 500g-3kg Shop roasters. New model also contains UV OZONE for very effective removal of odour.

This filter system is an alternative to afterburners for handling the emissions from a small coffee roaster. The running costs are lower as no gas is required. Installation is easier as there are not the requirements for gas* certification for the system.

  • This filter system if perfect for small shop roaster requiring an emissions solution with a low startup and running cost.
  • Most small roasters can sit on top of the cabinet making this system very space efficient.
  • Operation and tuning is simple. Filter has a variable control for air pressure so that each machine can be fine tuned for the most effective treatment of emissions

This filter system contains in its cabinet:

  • Electrostatic Filter – For treatment of smoke
  • UV Ozone Filter – for treating odours
  • Pre and Post filter – for capturing particulates
  • *Filter system may be required to be interlocked to roaster operation for gas compliance
  • **Allow approximately 20-30 days form order for delivery



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