Specht Linea Mini: Your way


Talk Coffee is proud to be an appointed reseller for Specht design. 

Roll your own La Marzocco Linea mini- Specht design style! 

Download a copy of the Specht upgrade options price list

Use your own creativity to create your own Linea Mini- which will be the pride of your home and can perform well beyond the capabilities of any regular Linea Mini.

Upgrade options:

  1. Choose a powdercoat colour to match your decor
  2. Choose to powdercoat the black machine chassis and/or splashback to match…
  3. Choose an acetal or timber portafilter handle in maple, walnut or oak for your machine
  4. Choose acetal or timber steam knobs – including brass or stainless steel steam tap insert
  5. Choose a timber kit in maple, walnut or oak
  6. Choose a Premium Linea Mini kit – timber kit and badges
  7. Choose an acetal or timber actuator paddle  – MP in maple, walnut or oak for your machine or a premium timber actuator paddle with brass, stainless steel or copper insert and pins
  8. Choose an acetal or timber paddle surround
  9. Add brass, copper or gold highlights to your machine
  10. Add additional timber to your machine
  11. Upgrade the feet of your Linea mini to beautiful metal ones in brass or stainless
  12. Add brass, copper, stainless or timber badging
  13. Upgrade the drip tray cover and/or cup tray cover to mesh
  14. Upgrade your machine to make the paddle work like it should with true, mechanical needle valve preinfusion or EMP variable speed pressure profiling by our mate Rick, The Coffee Machinist

Please note that all Specht design products incur a 1.7% surcharge when paid via eWay using your card. This charge will be added to your official tax invoice and appear as a seperate charge to your chosen card.

Download a La Marzocco Linea Mini Information sheet



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