Sumatra Blue Roca Wet hulled 500g


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Roased: 02 June

Johanes Hutasoit is a producer who has built a reputation for sourcing incredibly high quality coffees from his network of 1000 small farms most farming around 600 trees.

This batch is a mix semi-washed and wet-hulled Catimor, Jember and Onang Ganjang.

The Lintong area is known for its deep, dark volcanic soils and abundant rainfall of 2,200mm annually.

The main harvest is from the end of September to December with a fly crop in March to May.

This is an exceptional Indonesian coffee.

  • Grading: Very high specialty/Extreme
  • Notes: grapefruit,
  • Body: high
  • Acidity: citrus
  • Roast: Milk/ espresso
  • Drink: from day 7



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