Decaf Swiss Water® Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka Natural 500g


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Small batch roasted in our Aillio roaster when not in stock. Order by Sunday for Monday roast and by Wednesday for Thursday roast

OMG! We have lamented that decaf drinkers so often get left aside in that most decafs barely qualify as specialty coffee. Many are undrinkable.

Our decaf policy is that it has to be so good that those who drink it would never pick it as a decaf. Problem is that the really good stuff NEVER undergoes decaffeination.

Finally, our prayers answered. Herewith, a really, really, high quality, very special Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe microlot. This is heirloom coffee.

Decaf beans rarely cup at 80 points. They don’t even qualify as specialty coffee. This one is streets ahead and cruised in at 84 points. This just doesn’t happen! Where else in Australia can you get this? Nowhere.

In the cup, there is dried banana and strawberry along with tropical acidity. Creamy, silky, rich body carries through to a sweet, fruity and chocolatey finish.

Drink as you choose from immediately after roast. We take this one home as well. It’s a cracker.



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