Vibiemme Domobar Super 2B




  • Includes full bench test, 500g fresh roast specialty coffee.
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Customisable inside and out the VBM Domobar Super 2B is a top end dual boiler model is ideal for high performance with control over extraction temperature and huge steam output.

Magnetic side panels, in a variety of colours fix to the machine and can be easily removed and customised to suit any design and environment. A combination of time, temperature and pressure will bring out the best flavour profile for any origin and coffee blend.

Ten programmable recipes can be saved through the pressure profiling function with eight variable settings per profile. The extraction curve is presented as a graph on the digital display with the correlation of pressure and programmed time visible.

The digital interface is also home to a range of settings including the automatic on/off timer, precise temperature adjustments and the power of the steam delivery ensuring that you can adapt the Super to give you exactly what you want.

Temperature stability is paramount for great espresso. Both boilers are insulated and the brew boiler supplied with pre-heated water for high thermal retention.

  • Pressure profiling with 10 programmable settings. Each setting can hold up to eight variable options to create one recipe.
  • Pressure profiling range from 0 – 14Bar.
  • Dual Boilers.
  • Customisable magnetic side panels easy to remove, customise and replace.
  • An interactive touch screen interface is the centre for all machine commands and settings. Set the extraction temperature, determine the extraction curves and access quick start functions.
  • Coloured guide on extraction curve graph to indicate when the programmed time has been reached.
  • Eco Mode available for energy efficiency.
  • Programming mode for automatic On/Off convenience.
  • Dishwasher safe synthetic drip tray.
  • Water Level Float to indicate time to empty the drip tray.
  • Water Tank level sensor: LED indicates when required to refill the internal reservoir.
  • Option to source water from internal reservoir or plumbed directly to mains water supply.
  • Available in Australia with black/white or stainless steel side panels.


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