Victoria Arduino Mythos 2




We were not a fan of the Mythos 1 grinder. The new Mythos 2 offers some interesting new options- including a gravimetric (dose by weight) option as well as variable speed grind.

The Mythos 2 employs 85mm titanium-coated burrs as well as Clima Pro 2.0 technology: Using both a cooling fan and a heater, the Mythos promises a constant temperature from open to close. Temperature can be set in 1 deg. C increments. We still believe that heating a burr set remains counterintuitive and that more effective cooling would still be a superior feature. The Mythos also employs “clump crusher” technology.


  • 85mm Flat Burrs — Titanium-coated steel burrs deliver precise and uniform grounds while having an extra-long lifespan compared to other burrs.
  • Clima Pro 2.0 Tech — Uses both cooling and heating tech to keep the grinder a steady temperature from open to close.
  • Smart Dosing — Doses via target times (Temporized model) or by volume (Gravimetric model).
  • Micrometric Espresso Grinding —  Find the keep perfect grind size for your espresso recipe easily with the repeatable micrometric settings.
  • LCD Display — Adjust grind settings, set dose amounts, and track shots with ease.
  • Variable Speed Motor — Grinds from 600 to 1200 rpm according to each coffee’s needs, saving you energy and money.
  • Clump Crusher — Innovative anti-clump screen and chute keep grounds from sticking to each other.
  • Zero-Retention Chamber — All the grounds get where they’re needed: The portafilter.


  • Grind speed: up to 2g/sec (@1200 rpm)
  • Hopper capacity 2kg
  • Burrs: 85mm
  • Power 550W
  • Dimensions: 20.2 x 51.8 x 41.6 (w x h x d)


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