Weber Industries Bean Cellar Commerical 10 pack for single dosing grinders


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We bought a carton of 100 of these, but really only need about 40, so we’re happy to share them around at near landed cost. Storage rack not included as we didn’t buy any of them!

Commercial Bean Cellars are designed to be used by the professional barista as part of a single dosing grinder workflow or as individual retail portions for cafe customers.

Commercial Bean Cellars are BPA free and are made of a durable and hard wearing Polypropylene material. Designed to be wiped clean or machine washable after use, the Bean Cellars are re-usable, eliminating the landfill waste associated with paper or multi-ply plastic bags. Each individual Bean Cellar has a one way silicone dome valve retained with a stainless clip designed to release any accumulated CO2 which naturally occurs as part of the outgassing process.

These bean cellars are rated to 22-30g of beans, depending on the bean size and roast level. Lighter roasts of smaller beans hold more, and darker roasts/larger beans hold a bit less. We have found them to be around 22g with our roasts.

These Commercial Bean Cellars have an updated and significantly improved cap design. They no longer require twisting or lubrication when putting on or taking off, and they work even better for deep freezing. The gaskets and valve are both moulded into the cap, so there is no assembly gap or parts to fall off. Capacity and product color is still the same.


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