Yemen Al Haraaz Organic Fresh AA+ 500g


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Roasted 23 October- final roast

Current 2020 crop from a new producer and importer. Organic at origin.

This coffee is sourced from high altitude farms in Eastern Haraz at 1800-2200m above sea level where it takes advantage of the mild climate and the low humidity.

Yemens are dry processed, with great body and low acid. This one is more subtle on the dried pudding fruit and wine coffee and leaves a lingering mocha finish. Many are particularly winey, but our call is that this one is a more subdued than other Yemens we have seen. It’s beautifully graded though- rare forΒ  Yemen.

We advise this bean be rested for a minimum of 10 days before opening to allow it to peak. The mocha, dried pudding fruit and earth will become more prominent and you will enjoy this origin at its best.


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