Yemen Matari Al-Hamdani 480g

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SOLD OUT and $1280 donated! Thanks to all who supported our Unicef drive for the kids of Yemen.Image result for unicef logo yemen

Our donation receipts are attached for you to see below.

Please note that this product does not qualify for our complimentary post offer so as to maximise the donation available to Unicef.

The situation with civil war and famine in Yemen has improved slightly and relief funds are providing some assistance to those in need. Your purchase of this coffee includes $5/480g bag which we’ll donate to Unicef on your behalf. Talk Coffee will be matching your donation dollar for dollar and we’ll publish proof of donation here. We’ll ultimately be donating $1280 to this cause.

Demand for Yemen coffees has always far exceeded supply and for this reason (and quality) they don’t come cheaply. Yemen Matari is one of my all time favourites and if you haven’t tried it, you should! The continuing instability means that we don’t know when we’ll see the next batch of greens.

Dry processed, with great body, fruit and wine leads to an amazing coffee.  We strongly advise this bean be rested for a minimum of 14 days before opening to allow it to peak. The mocha, dried pudding fruit and earth will be more prominent and you will enjoy this wonderful bean at its best.

I love it black, but it works beautifully with milk as well.


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