Yuletide Blend 2021 1000g sneek peek

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Roasted: 18 November. Any other coffee ordered with this roast will be held to ship together.

Grab a 1kg bag of our first commercial roast of 2021 Yule to check it out.

In July and for the month leading up to Christmas, we roast our special celebratory Yuletide blend. It’s that time of year! 

Yuletide blend contains our best very high specialty and extreme beans: Brazil Bom Jesus natural ($60/kg), Peru Tres Estrellas microlot ($70/kg), Indonesia (Sumatra Blue Bianca $70) and Yemen Matari ($80/kg). For this second iteration, we’re tweaking the proportions a little with more Yemen and Peru.

We’ll be roasting it prior to 2nd crack to preserve the fruit whilst maintaining great espresso body and it cups with low-moderate acidity, chocolate/mocha, cinnamon spice and dried pudding fruit. Squeeze the bag prior to opening. This coffee is our 2021 interpretation of Christmas in a cup.

Drinking it: It’s lovely as a high-bodied filter or from an Aeropress or Delter with a mere 24 hours of rest post roast. If you’re heading to the espresso machine with it, give it a minimum 7 days post roast and try 95 deg C if possible.

Leave some out for Santa!


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