Yuletide Blend 2020 500g


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Roasting 03 December.

For one month of the year, we roast our celebratory, super indulgent Yuletide blend and it’s that time of year! This one is going to be in really short supply as we’re low on two of the components of the blend.

Yuletide blend contains our best very high specialty and extreme beans: Brazil (Carbonic Maceration 96 hour fermentation: $100+/kg), Peru (Cafe Feminino FT Organic $60+/kg), Indonesia (Sumatra Blue Bianca $60+) and an insanely good Colombia Esperanza Red honey process ($100/kg). It’s exxy, but we think it’s worth it.

We’ll be roasting it prior to 2nd crack to preserve the fruit whilst maintaining great espresso body and it cups with low-moderate sparkling acidity, chocolate, spice and dried stone fruit.

Squeeze the bag prior to opening. It smells incredible! This coffee is our 2020 interpretation of Christmas in a cup.

Drinking it: It’s lovely as a high-bodied filter or from an Aeropress or Delter with a mere 24 hours of rest post roast. If you’re heading to the espresso machine with it, give it a minimum 5 days post roast and try 95.5 deg C if possible.

Leave some out for Santa!

For those purchasing as a gift, you can add a discounted red Airscape container in which to gift it to your loved ones. Stay tuned…


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