Grey imports. What are they?

We frequently get asked about grey imports and the differences in pricing between machines advertised elsewhere and genuine Australian stock.

There are many differences and these factors must be taken into account when you choose a machine:

  • Grey imports are purchased overseas or may be available locally from certain individuals
  • Grey imports are not configured to suit Australian coffee. They frequently configured to run hotter- to suit high robusta content European coffee and and the electricals are often substantially different to those of Australian machines. Some are dangerous to use in Australia.
  • Any warranty which may exist exists overseas and is a parts only warranty, not parts and labour. Parts will usually need to be sourced from overseas as well. There is no international guarantee nor warranty on espresso machinery.
  • Purchasers are not covered by Australian consumer law nor guarantees.
  • Local sellers are usually dishonest. They do not pay company tax nor GST. They will not supply an Australian tax invoice.
  • We will not sell grey imports.

In summary, there are very significant differences and local sellers operate illegally and flout Australian consumer law, GST and taxation requirements. Purchasers need to decide whether the saving of a few hundred dollars is worth the risk. Make sure you’re comparing like with like.

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