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We service and repair all espresso machines and grinder brands we sell, but regret we cannot offer parts, service nor support for some brands of espresso machine. We cannot assist with Sunbeam, Breville, Lelit, Gaggia nor appliance/superauto machines such as Saeco, De Longhi, Jura or Nespresso.

There are some maintenance tasks which you should incorporate into your routine to best look after your equipment. Check out our maintenance and self-service suggestions.

  • Request a booking for your service. We will not accept your equipment without one. We do this so that your machine is not with us for weeks and so that we can manage technician workload. Current availability is for dropoffs from March 02 and then during opening hours thereafter. 
  • Once you have requested your service, we’ll respond and ask you to purchase a booking fee which is a part payment and contributes directly towards your service costs. Your equipment will be booked for service only once you have paid your booking fee and we will confirm your booking with a meeting invite as well as an email confirmation of your booking. Check your spam if you do not see these.
  • All equipment booked and received for service must be accompanied by a service authorisation form. Please affix it to your machine.
  • We will not accept a machine for service without a booking or a written authorisation.
  • A no show or a cancellation with under 24 hours of notice results in forfeit of your booking fee and cancellation of your service booking. There are no exceptions to the requirement that you pay us the courtesy of informing us should your plans change. A $10 administration fee applies to all cancellations one you are booked. 

Why Talk Coffee?

  • We do it better. Week in, week out, we see examples of sub-standard service on equipment which has been attended to elsewhere: Routine maintenance jobs missed or ignored and poor work quality. We see refurbished machines where the absolute minimum has been done to “get it out the door” and maximise the return to sellers at the expense of purchasers. We find that we too often finish the work which should have been done, but wasn’t.
  • We collaborate with renown industry professionals.  We have three very highly skilled master technicians and no unqualified helpers: Rick Bond aka The Coffee Machinist is renown as one of the finest technicians in Australia. Working with Rick gives us access to some incredible gear to ensure the work is done right: Lathe, drill presses, CNC, laser etching, bead blasting, hand brushing, ceracote facility and more! Peter Caris is ex. head technician for Espresso Company Australia and also runs his own show: Geelong based Coffee Physics. Peter assists us on a part time basis and we are honoured to have him! Rick and Peter are joined by Phil Gargano who is our resident Electronics engineer, special projects facilitator and big brain. All of these these hugely talented men are very highly qualified and we compensate them accordingly. If you are looking for a cheap service, we are not for you- and you are not for us. What we guarantee is that our attention to detail is unparalleled.  
  • Warranty: 3 month warranty on parts replaced during your repair or service (excluding consumables and control/autofill board refurbishment).
  • We can estimate your costs: On request, we can provide a rough estimate the cost of your service when we see you and your machine. 
  • Quick turnaround: We complete the overwhelming majority of service tasks within 5 working days.
  • We care: We want your machine to produce the best coffee possible and will do our utmost to ensure it does. We’re enthusiasts too!

What do I need to do before arriving?

  1. Empty the tank of your machine and then return it to the machine. We need you to bring the tank with you…. If your machine has an external controller which is not part of our current range (eg: early Rocket R58), please bring that too. 

    Did we remind you to bring the tank? Bring the tank with you!

  2. If your machine is set to plumbed in mode, please set it back to tank mode.
  3. Please give your machine a token clean! Our technicians dislike dead cockroaches, grease, long-term buildup and mould as much as you do!
  4. Leave the extra bits at home because if it can fall off and be misplaced or confused with the same part from another machine, chances are it might! Just bring your machine complete with tank if it has one. You don’t need us to service your cartons and packaging, portafilters, drip trays, cup guards and tank covers, so there is no need to include them!
  5. Download our service authorisation form, print it and then attach it to your machine. We will not accept a machine for service or repair without a completed authorisation.

FAQ of espresso machine service. Please read before you deliver your espresso gear to us.

  • Our labour rate for 2024 is $150 per hour.  What do you do when you service my equipment and how much will it cost?
  • Is this a warranty repair? If you believe that your machine may require any warranty issues attended to, it’s essential that you discuss your case with us before appointing any service agent. Our warranty conditions can be found here. Please either call or contact us prior to any warranty service of your machine as we will refuse cover for any unauthorised warranty work.
  • How do I find you? Talk Coffee is located here
  • When are you open? We are the little business that can. Our trading hours are variable (sometimes we have to be on the road). Check our opening hours before you head to us.
  • How long? We’ll let you know your machine is ready for a pick up via by emailing an invoice with links for payment to you. Please wait 7 working days from drop off prior to contacting us for updates. If we’re on the phone to you, we’re not doing repairs!
  • Expedited/Priority service? I need it fast! If you’re in a big rush, we may be able to expedite your service for you and allow same day collection. Our queue jump fee is $100 inc GST
  • When can I collect my serviced gear? Your invoice will provide details for collection. If you have settled your invoice using a card payment, you’re good to go! For payments made via PayID, Osko or Pay Anyone services, we regret that we cannot release your machine until we have cleared funds to our account. We are finding that some instant payments are far from instant and whilst the majority do clear rapidly, they can take up to two days with some banks- especially with first payments. We acknowledge that these delays can be frustrating for all parties.
  • What happens if I don’t pay/decide to surrender my machine or don’t arrive to collect it? All service and repairs must be collected within 1 week of completion of works after which we will apply a storage charge of $40/week. Should any equipment be left unclaimed in our workshop for over 1 calendar month and our phone and email contact attempts be ignored, ownership of the equipment will automatically transfer to Talk Coffee. The equipment will be sold or parted out to recover costs.
  • Can I repair my own machine? In general, we would advise against this other than for simple tasks. We frequently spend lots of time repairing damage done by well-intentioned owners. In addition, 230V power is lethal, so if you’re not qualified, best leave things to someone who is! If you are remote and a client of Talk Coffee, we may be able to provide you with some phone advice but regret that we cannot legally provide you with a how to guide requiring anything more than a spanner or screwdriver.
  • Do you offer rapid service for interstate clients? We will try our very best. Please provide us with plenty of advance notice so that we can discuss the scope of work to ascertain if this is possible.
  • Can I send my machine to you? Yes, but we will not accept any liability for any damage incurred in transit to or from us. We will not accept responsibility for redelivery fees should we not be on site nor theft from our mail. Clients are to organise their own freight to and from us. Contact us if you require some suggestions regarding possible freight options.
  • But I’m not in Melbourne! For those in the vicinity of Geelong and the Surf Coast, we highly recommend Peter Cairis of Coffee Physics. Peter is located in Geelong and offers service and support for all commercial equipment and domestic gear as well.  If you’re in Brisbane, we recommend Gael and Jane at Espresso Breakdown. In Sydney, we recommend Espresso Company Australia and Di Bartoli. In Perth, we recommend Dimattina Coffee WA in Osborne Park. Hobart, Adelaide and regional? We have recommended service techs in many areas around Australia. Call or contact us for assistance.
  • Do you do on-site or in home repairs? Sorry, but we regret we cannot offer this service as our service is thorough and can be messy. Our opinion is that this work needs to be done properly or there are frequently items which are omitted or overlooked.

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