Talk Coffee price match policy.

Talk Coffee supplies only genuine Australian specification, electrically compliant machinery. We bench test every machine we sell to ensure that it’s operating as well as it possibly can. If there is to be heartbreak, we much prefer that it happens to us!

We will do our best to match your quoted price while delivering greater care- subject to the following conditions:

  • You supply a copy of quote or alternately a link to the suppliers website where prices are listed. If your supplier is interstate, our price match will factor shipment to Melbourne.
  • The item is in stock.
  • We will not match overseas prices or pseudo Australian “drop ship” companies.
  • We also don’t match known Australian clickbait and drop ship retailers.
  • The items concerned must be in stock and available for shipment at the competitor.
  • We will endeavour to match like for like but exceed preparation detail because we don’t just pick up a box and hope for the best! Our advertised discounts and inclusions are then void.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a price match request.
  • Contact us to discuss a price match
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