Our training courses

Talk Coffee can provide morning training sessions at our Northcote warehouse and roastery on weekday mornings by arrangement during the February – November period.  Contact us to arrange a training session.

If you would like some other training options for home, business or cafe, we cannot too highly recommend the following:

  • Charles Skadiang and Melbourne Coffee academy where you will find a variety of great training courses be you a budding home barista or the person in charge of caffeinating your neighbourhood in a busy cafe.
  • David Seng and his staff from The Espresso School. David and his trainers provide high standard training in your home or at their training school in Clayton South.
  • William Angliss Institute in Melbourne run a variety of group based coffee training courses for up to 12 people

Our courses:

Beginner: Introduction to Espresso: 2 hours: $300 (one on one training) $375 (two participants)

This course is designed to suit those who have recently purchased a machine and would like to produce cafe quality espresso and milk based drinks. Participants are welcome to train on their own equipment. We will teach you how to adjust your grinder and provide you with the basics to ensure that you get a great result from your gear. We will also educate you on how to produce the drinks in the coffee menu and how to maintain your machine.

More advanced: 1 on 1 Espresso a la carte: $225 for the first 90 minutes then charged at $70/30min or part thereof

Come in and play freestyle. Let’s work on your issues together to get mastery of your machine and have you you pulling the best shots possible.

We can teach you how to correctly adjust your grinder to produce the best espresso your machine is capable of, and to do so consistently. A range of dosing, distribution and tamping techniques can be covered. Let’s solve deficiencies in in your espresso. Milk texture technique can also be covered within this course. Most participants find they require around 1.5-2.0 hours to attend to their requirements.

All levels: The full coffee shebang: 4 hours $600 per participant (max 2)

So you want to make a better coffee? Maybe you’d like to roast at home or perhaps start up a hobby roasting business one day? This session is designed to be a taster of everything! Come bright and early for coffee shots- e61 and lever style. Pull a few shots with us and we will help you to improve your technique with espresso and milk so that your home experience is improved. Thinking about roasting? We’ll run a couple of roasts together on our Aillio and we’ll then apply what you learn to a roast or two on our commercial  roaster. Given time, we will also cup some coffee. You will of course have samples to take home and try!

Home roasting and cupping: 2.5-3 hours- $350 per participant (2 person session only). 

Roasting your own coffee at home is easy, inexpensive and fun! Why pay $50 or more per kilo for coffee which may be stale when you can roast your own for $20 per kilo dependent on your choice of beans? Learn to profile roast using our Aillio roaster across 2-4 roasts of the same bean to the same roast level, but with differing strategies. We’ll cup your results and you’ll be taking everything you roast back home to sample.

Commercial coffee roasting training courses. 

We highly recommend the following trainers:

Our commercial roaster training:

  • Talk Coffee: Introduction to commercial roasting and cupping: 1/2 day- available exclusively for clients who have purchased a commercial roasters from us $first participant complimentary and then $495 per additional participant (max. 2).

After a 9.30 am coffee, we provide you with training on our Aillio sample roaster and Phantom roaster. You will learn how to successfully operate and maintain your roaster and how to cup your results over a number of roasts. Participants roast coffee using a variety of roast profiling techniques each participant takes home a kilo of each of the to try. Morning tea/Lunch are provided. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

This course is provided at no charge to the purchaser of any brand new commercial roaster. Purchasers who wish to gain further experience after completing this course can then hire our roaster and use our facility under supervision while awaiting delivery of their roaster.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements . Coffee education is also a great way to have a fun evening or afternoon as a staff reward. We can recommend some great Melbourne venues for larger group sessions.