Caffetiera brew guide

You will need:

  • Your chosen Caffetiera. We like the original aluminium Bialetti variants
  • Fresh water
  • Enough freshly ground coffee- not quite espresso fine to fill the central filter

What’s next?

  • Fill the lower chamber with fresh water
  • Completely fill the central filter chamber with freshly ground coffee- no need to tamp
  • Twist the top and bottom chambers together until a tight seal is made (don’t use the handle). Failure to secure the two chambers fully could result in a failed brew and potential mess!
  • Place the caffetiera on your heat source over very low heat. (optional- add a little cold water to the top chamber or wrap it with a cold towel. We have even experimented with an ice cube! Overheating is the enemy of great coffee)
  • When the coffee starts brewing, lower the heat to absolute minimum and as soon as you hear some noise, turn the heat off entirely.
  • Serve and enjoy!
  • Allow your stovetop espresso maker time to cool before you break it down for cleaning. You don’t want to burn yourself.

Here are the basics:

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