Chemex brew guide

You will need:

  • your Chemex
  • a washed Chemex filter or Able Kone. We recommend the Kone if you are using the 6 cup Chemex!
  • a cup- to drink the results
  • timer- optional
  • scales- optional
  • about 300-500ml of fresh water just off the boil- dependent on the size of your Chemex. We recommend 95 deg. C
  • 8-10 gram per cup. 25g (3 cup)- 50g (6 cup) medium grind freshly roasted filter coffee (day 3-14). Try to approximate the coarseness of medium sea sand

What’s next?

  • Pop your Able Kone in or alternately, fold the filter paper and pop it into the Chemex, with the thick (3 paper) side facing the spout. Rinse with some hot water
  • Tip out the hot water and then add your coffee to the filter. If you use scales, you can zero them now
  • Start the timer and using the pouring kettle, add about 50ml of water- to just wet the coffee . This will allow the coffee to bloom and help achieve a superior result
  • wait for about 30 seconds. Good signs are coffee staining the sides of the paper filter and a great smell.
  • add some more water from your kettle. Pour in small circles- enough to keep the coffee wet but not above the filter edge
  • repeat as required
  • when the dripping begins to slow down; you are done!
  • What about the scales? They’re to measure how much coffee you made. More or less water will influence the cup as will time and coffee grind. Keep records to help you to repeat a great result!

Here are the basics:

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