Choosing your Rocket Espresso machine

Choosing an espresso machine can be a difficult process. This table may assist you to distinguish between Rocket Espresso models..

ModelPressure profile systemPID or Pressurestat?Total boiler capacity (L)Can it be plumbed?Internal tank? WattageWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height mm)Weight (kg)
R60VYesPID2.38 (1.8 steam + 0.58 brew)YesYes1400W31044039029.5
R58NoPID2.38 (1.8 steam + 0.58 brew)YesYes1400W31044038529.0
EvoluzioneNoCommercial pressurestat1.8 heat exchangerYesYes1200W34042538027.8
Giotto PIDNoPID1.8 heat exchangerNoYes1200W34042537023.0
AppartamentoNoDomestic pressurestat1.8 heat exchangerNoYes1200W270400350approx 20 (tba)

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