Coffee packaging

Hygiene is king. We continue to sanitise working surfaces, our hands and use best practice when we pack your coffee.

Current Airscape status is RED. We are packing all beans into compostable bags until Melbourne lockdown has ended and retail is open (current estimate 05 November). Airscape swaps will again be available once lockdown ends.

To swap your Airscape, please remove the label, then wash it and return it clean and dry (dishwasher is fine), We’ll then sanitise it ready to be refilled. We will reject any unwashed Airscape containers without exception.

From 01 December, other than when Melbourne is in lockdown, we will be packing exclusively into brushed silver Airscape containers. Clients are welcome to keep or trade their coloured Airscape containers.

Upgrade of coloured Airscape for silver with the purchase of coffee will be $25 (normally $50). Traded Airscape containers will held for a short time and then be directed to recycling. Clients are most welcome to swap a poorly finished coloured Airscape for a traded one in better condition when we have availability.