Espresso equipment service and charges

Espresso machine: Basic/routine service (2 hours: allow $300 + parts). This includes-

  • visual inspection of externals- including gauges and globes. Note and report any items of concern
  • visual inspection of boiler (a fail would require a platinum service)
  • visual inspection of main pipework for corrosion or evidence of scale (a fail would require a platinum service)
  • visual inspection of element for seal at boiler and water leakage at terminals (a fail would require a platinum service)
  • visual inspection of mushroom/ mushroom cavity/group valves for scaling. Brush and flush as required
  • further inspection for descale if required (a fail would require a platinum service)
  • inspect and clean autofill probe
  • inspect and replace anti-vac o-ring. Replace entire valve if required
  • lubricate/check microswitch engagement
  • remove, clean and reinstall dispersion disk. Replace if required
  • supply of service kit of all typical consumables for group, mushroom and steam/hot water valves. Measure group valves against new and either shim or replace as required. Reprofile or replace leva cam if required
  • steam clean of machine externals
  • Scace test for operating pressure and normal pump ramp. Adjust if required
  • bench test min 2 hours. Monitor upper boiler pressure and adjust/replace pressurestat/PID if required
  • verify correct operation of all machine functions
  • minor repairs as required. All parts for your service are at additional cost and labour charges

Espresso Machine: Major (Platinum) service (>2.0 hours) includes basic service PLUS any additional labour and parts as required-

  • attend to any basic service fail items
  • descale if required
  • major electrical and/or hydraulic repairs as required
  • extended bench test (generally overnight)
  • deep cleaning of your machine (steam, detergent and/or solvent as required)

Grinder: General service (from $75 + parts. 30min). This includes-

  • Check service authorisation sheet and note client comments
  • Visual inspection of grinder. Pre-service power up and check for correct operation
  • Disassemble and clean and clear grind chamber and chute
  • Remove burrs from burr carrier and clear any bean debris. Reassemble
  • Inspect and report on burr condition. Replace if required
  • Lubricate, reassemble and calibrate to approximate espresso zone. 
  • Attend to any required repairs or additional concerns: e.g Set your grinder with your provided coffee and portafilter basket (Extra cost platinum item)
  • Inspect, clean and reassemble grind chamber where present
  • Clean grinder exterior
  • Note resolutions to client reported issues and verify correct operation

Can I have a quote?
We can provide a verbal (rough) estimate when you drop your machine off for service or if you wish, a more accurate estimate can be provided for $100. Please purchase your quote prior to booking your machine. The quote also rolls into your service charges should you proceed with service. It is surrendered should you decide against a service and any additional charges to “close up” are added to your account. Our labour rate for 2024 is $150 p/h inc. GST charged in 0.25 hour increments. 

And if I don’t ask for a quote?
We’ll commence the works and assuming no surprises, we’ll send an invoice for payment once the works are complete. If there are any big surprises we’ll call, SMS or email you. Should you decide to cease the job when partially complete, you are liable for all parts and labour to that point and labour required to “close up” your machine.

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