French press brew guide

You will need:

  • a 400ml (three cup) glass french press. If you have a larger one, multiply the coffee and water quantities as required
  • stirrer
  • cups
  • timer and scales (optional)
  • 350ml fresh water at about 95 deg. C
  • about 20g of medium ground, freshly roasted coffee/400ml press volume

What’s next?

  • Preheat the press and cups
  • Empty your press out and add the coffee.
  • Add hot water to about 5cm from the top stir the coffee to distribute
  • Allow about 2 minutes to brew
  • Optional- remove as much of the ground coffee as you can (this will maintain a clean coffee which is not stewed if you don’t decant)
  • Place the lid on the plunger and plunge away!
  • Drink straight away- decant if you didn’t follow the optional step.

Here are the basics:

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