Pourover brew guide

You will need:

  • your chosen pourover. We like the Bonavita variants
  • paper filter to suit
  • kettle
  • scales
  • cup
  • timer
  • 200ml fresh water per cup, heated to about 95 deg. C
  • around 14g freshly coffee (medium/fine) per cup

What’s next?

  • Fold the filter paper so that is sits properly in the filter
  • Place the filter on your cup and rinse with the hot water. Tip away the excess
  • Zero the scales
  • Add the coffee to the filter and shake to settle. Zero the scales again if required
  • Add about 20 or so ml of hot water from your kettle to wet the coffee and allow the it to degas/bloom. Wait for about 30 sec for this process to complete
  • Add water slowly and in circles over the coffee until the scales register 200g (200ml)
  • Aim for about 2 minutes to complete the extraction. If it’s too slow, use a slightly coarser grind. Too fast? Use a finer grind

Here are the basics:

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