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Mahlkönig EK Omnia


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The EK Omnia grinder is equipped with a suite of advancements that make it an indispensable tool for high-demand, high-expectation settings. The new technological innovation of Library Mode allows users to save their favorite grinding recipes, including notes for the bean name and target coffee grams. In combination with the Pre-Dosing Unit (PDU), a volumetric hopper*, EK Omnia automatically adjusts to the exact burr distance in microns and grind time, according to the recipe. The front-facing LED screen is a powerful and easy-to-use interface to set ultra-precise micro-adjustments of the grind size.

Saved grinding recipes seamlessly integrate volumetric dosing with micron-level grind size settings. The grind size, meticulously measured in real-time by micron distance, eliminates any guesswork or reliance on arbitrary dials. When a recipe is selected, the grinder instantly fine-tunes both the burr distance and pre-dosing unit to precisely match the chosen parameters.

Dial in once, repeat easily

Save bean name and target coffee grams as recipes in the Library, then have EK Omnia automatically adjusting grind size and dose.

  • Select a recipe and the EK Omnia will auto-adjust to your settings
  • Repeatable consistency across hours and shifts
  • Grind-by-Time and manual grinding offer total control at your fingertips

Made for high-volume efficiency

With a volumetric pre-dosing hopper unit, magnetic adjustable portafilter holder, and efficient BLDC motor, the EK Omnia prioritizes grinding and workflow efficiency.

Precision superpowers

The EK Omnia ushers in a new era of coffee grinder technology, offering reliable and unparalleled grinding precision dose after dose.

  • Grind size measured by real-time micron distance between burrs, not arbitrary dials
  • Stepless grind size adjustments made by dial turn, touch screen, or saved recipe
  • Industry-leading 98mm steel burrs give baristas uniformity with every dose

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 25 × 40 × 75 cm

matte black, matte white

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Mahlkönig EK Omnia

Available on backorder

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