Brita C150 purity finest replacement filter cartridge


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The Brita Purity Finest C150 has been developed for better taste and better protection.

This latest technology that reduces Total Hardness and the effects of harmful chlorides whilst maintaining a perfect pH. It’s perfect for most water conditions and ideal for espresso machines with stainless steel boilers in areas where total dissolved solids are <250ppm.

We recommend that this filter be used at 0% bypass and advise users that unlike the regular c150 filter, it MUST be mounted vertically. The filter is rated to a total of 1100L and should be used with a flowmeter to monitor total use.

Other benefits from using the Brita Purity Finest:

  • Reliable protection for professional coffee  machines from limescale and gypsum deposits.
  • One filter head concept for ALL cartridges in the Purity C range means a rapid-change system
  • Innovative locking handle and integrated flush valve for easy operation
  • Sodium charged ion exchange
  • Brita C150 finest information sheet


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