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Espresso Parts HQ Filter Baskets.
Suits e-61 portafilters and other 58mm applications. Unsuitable for most appliance machines.

These portafilter baskets are machined to a micro-fine finish, created utilising a technique developed by the manufacturer.

The 14g variant will fit any standard 58mm portafilter. The larger 21+ gram portafilter basket stands at 28mm tall, so it will only fit portafilters that can accept a triple basket. Note that dosages are nominal and you may well dose at 18-20g with the double and 25g with the triple.

The baskets are polished to leave a distinct sunburst pattern and the bottom of the baskets receive a final cleaning using a laser to remove any jagged edges from the perforation process. The result is that every hole in the basket is clear of metal debris and the holes are of even size and shape.

Our brief to the importer was to help us find a good ridgeless basket and we are very happy with the quality of the Espresso Parts product.

Tampers in the vicinity of 58.3-58.5 mm such as our Bogav tampers are a good fit.

2 reviews for HQ filter basket 58mm- Espresso parts

  1. Ian

    Picked up a couple of baskets Wednesday last week, and haven’t used another since.

    They are predictable and easy to use, when grind and tamp are consistent you can expect fantastic repeatable results.

    I have used VST baskets, as well as generics, and think these offer a greater depth of flavour and body in the cup, without the finickiness and negative results that can come from the VST with less than perfect technique. Forgiving, easy to use, and will add to every cup you pour; highly recommend.

  2. Tom (verified owner)

    Just got one of these to replace the standard Rancilio double basket that came with my Silvia, which I was having trouble getting a consistent shot with due to its small capacity (12g seemed like the max it could take) and odd diameter (58.4mm).

    Being slightly larger in capacity (14-18g) and a standard diameter (58.0mm), this EP basket straightaway made it much easier to judge my dosing and tamp, and I nailed my first shot with it. Build quality is excellent; all holes look clear and evenly spaced. Very happy!

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