Rocket Espresso (R58) R Cinquant­otto


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  • Includes full bench test, 500g fresh roast specialty coffee.
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  • Australian spec. supplied standard with OEM Rocket Espresso double spout and naked portafilters.
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  • Optional 5 year extended warranty for local purchasers

Introducing the R Cinquantotto: “Chink Quarnt Otto”  which translates to 58.  This is the new 2020 R 58 from Rocket Espresso.

  • Supplied standard with OEM Rocket Espresso double spout and naked portafilters.
  • Dual independently operated PID controlled boilers allow for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style
  • Rocket Espresso inclined boiler technology delivers precise group temperature adjustment and unprecedented levels of temperature stability.
  • Commercial grade rotary pump draws from the internal water reservoir or allows for the machine to have a direct plumbed in water supply.
  • NEW Machine functions are controlled from the Rocket Espresso communication pod which plugs into the side of the R 58. The pod can be removed to preserve the Rocket Espresso minimalist style of the machine

Direct plumbing R58 and Evoluzione installation check list

Download the Rocket Espresso Technical Specification Sheet
Download the Rocket Espresso domestic machine range brochure

Download the Rocket R58 spare parts catalogue

We can arrange and install customisation to your requirements.

A wide range of accessories for this machine are available from our e-shop

Aspects you may wish to consider

Easy fill via removable plate on cup warmerDrip tray is small- but can be drained in this configuration
New Removable PID controller- store in a draw when not required
Cool touch wands
Excellent steam tip for easy milk texture
Beautiful Faema style steam and hot water valve handles
Ageless, minimalist design and new stainless steel chassis

Vital Statistics
Boiler Capacitybrew 0.58L, steam 1.7L
Fresh Water Tank2.5L tank or plumbed
Voltage220-240V 50Hz
Power consumptionbrew 1400W, steam 1600W (Max consumption 1750W)
Dimensions (W x D x H)31 x 44 x 38.5 cm


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