Rocket Fausto 2 grinder




Arriving 04 February 2021

This stepless micrometric grinder is Rocket’s home offer and it is available in chrome or matte black. The Fausto is around the same size as the Mazzer mini-e and Macap M4D- but outperforms both of them. It’s faster than the Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic.

A newly developed digital touch screen with shot counter and three programmable portion buttons allow for quick adjustments and effortless portion control.

It includes a 500W motor (most powerful in class) for grind speeds of 14g in approx. 8 seconds. This places the Fausto amongst the fastest grinders on the market for its size.

Simply place your group handle under the dispenser, select a single or double dose and the correct amount of coffee will be ground directly into your group handle.


  • Grind on demand
  • preset your chosen single and double dose
  • Manual continuous grinding
  • Digital display with shot counter (partial and continuous)
  • Grinding setting: Micrometric, stepless
  • Hopper: 600 g
  • Burr set 65mm planar steel
  • Grinding capacity: 1.6 g to 2.9 g/second
  • Bodywork: Die cast aluminium


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