Syphon brew guide

You will need:

  • a domestic sized syphon + filter
  • a butane or methylated spirit burner
  • bamboo stirrer or something to substitute for one
  • timer
  • about 250ml water heater to about 95 deg. C
  • 16-20 freshly ground (medium) coffee to taste. Lighter roasts work well for this method
  • an audience!

What’s next?

  • Rinse the paper filters (if using them) or place the lower filter into the coffee glass- assuming it doesn’t have a fixed filter.
  • Add the ground over the first filter and give everything a settling shake
  • Cover the grounds with the second filter- metal or paper
  • Locate the coffee chamber into the unit as well as the lower part which will collect the coffee
  • Fill the upper chamber with ice cubes and cold water and then adjust the flow of the tap to 1-2 drops per second. Note that as the tap cools, you may have to readjust it
  • Check after 30 min and then readjust to 1 drop/second
  • Wait…for a long time!
  • Serve with ice/ice cream/milk or as you please!

What’s next?

  • it’s good to have a “dry run without coffee is you have not used a syphon before
  • place the wet cloth filter into the upper chamber and allow the spring to drop to bottom. You will see a hook at the base which hooks over the end of the lower tube
  • then fill the lower syphon chamber with your hot water
  • place the upper chamber over the lower chamber, but don’t push it into place. The lower chamber should be dry as it can break in the next step when wet
  • light the burner and place it beneath the lower chamber on a lowish flame. Just before the water boils, lock the upper chamber in. you will see the water move into the upper chamber now. Turn the flame to very low
  • Start your timer and add the ground coffee to the upper chamber. Stir with the paddle for 10-15 sec to wet the coffee. Have another stir in 10 or 15 seconds to distribute the coffee again
  • After another 15 sec, turn the burner off
  • As things cool, the coffee will move to the lower chamber
  • Let the coffee cool for a few minutes (decant to another container if you like) and then enjoy!

Here are the basics:

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