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Christmas stock update…

Saturday 19th December With much of Europe in lockdown, stock levels continue to be tight and it’s looking like vaccination

Rancilio Silvia Pro: First impressions

After a long wait, our first Rancilio Silvia Pro has arrived and is on our bench amongst some other great

Siren call: Espresso Art Series #10. La Marzocco GS3 EMP

We all know the story of the Sirens… It goes like this: In Homer’s Odyssey, Book XII, the Greek hero

I can’t decide between the Izzo Vivi, Izzo Alex IV Plus and the Izzo Alex Duetto. Help me choose.

How do I choose? This is a question we are frequently asked by purchasers considering an Izzo espresso machine. Here are

When things don’t go right…

Revisiting a Blog post- Originally from March 2018 We’re sad to state that the practice of “clickbaiting” remains alive and

#isoroasting Kaffelogic style

So much of the world has been in lockdown as COVID-19 changes our lives. Some lucky countries including we Aussies

COVID-19 and how we’re working with it

Most recent update 20 January COVID requirements are volatile. Here are our current trading conditions which are updated as required.

Upward pressure on pricing

We in March 2020 are living in crazy times… There’s a virus going ’round and it’s making some people a

The Grey import trap

The grey import trap. Over the last couple of weeks we have been dealing with a bloke who received a

August 2019 update: Aillio Bullet 1 V2

This update is provided from Aillio via and with thanks to Espresso Company Australia: Appointed and exclusive Australian Importer. Aillio

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