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Rancilio Silvia Pro: First impressions

After a long wait, our first Rancilio Silvia Pro has arrived and is on our bench amongst some other great

Siren call: Espresso Art Series #10. La Marzocco GS3 EMP

We all know the story of the Sirens… It goes like this: In Homer’s Odyssey, Book XII, the Greek hero

I can’t decide between the Izzo Vivi, Izzo Alex IV Plus and the Izzo Alex Duetto. Help me choose.

How do I choose? This is a question we are frequently asked by purchasers considering an Izzo espressoย machine. Here are

When things don’t go right…

Revisiting a Blog post- Originally from March 2018 We’re sad to state that the practice of “clickbaiting” remains alive and

#isoroasting Kaffelogic style

So much of the world has been in lockdown as COVID-19 changes our lives. Some lucky countries including we Aussies

COVID-19 and how we’re working with it

Most recent update Sunday 18 October. Melbourne remains under COVID-19 restrictions. Talk Coffee in an essential business, so we can

Upward pressure on pricing

We in March 2020 are living in crazy times… There’s a virus going ’round and it’s making some people a

The Grey import trap

The grey import trap. Over the last couple of weeks we have been dealing with a bloke who received a

August 2019 update: Aillio Bullet 1 V2

This update is provided from Aillio via and with thanks to Espresso Company Australia: Appointed and exclusive Australian Importer. Aillio

Aillio Bullet R1 update

This update (01 May 2019) comes to us via Espresso Company Australia (appointed Australian Importer). It’s republished with permission here:

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