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Aillio Bullet R1 update

This update (01 May 2019) comes to us via Espresso Company Australia (appointed Australian Importer). It’s republished with permission here:

The Izzo Vivi Plus PID Red Series- or how to build a dual boiler giant killer!

We love the Izzo Vivi PID. In fact it’s one of our favourite heat exchanger (HX) machines. There’s not much

The future of Izzo Espresso in Australia- looking forward from 2019.

There are many hundreds of proud owners of Izzo espresso machines Australia and we have loved importing and supplying their

When it comes to packaging, the coffee industry sucks….

When it comes to packaging, the coffee industry really does suck. There has to be a better solution… We’re a

The battle of the machines- week 2

Last week’s battle was a cracker with some full distance fights and a couple of surprise results. In our final

The battle of the machines

Saturday night is fight night and have we got a card for you!  It’s a great draw tonight and there

A new (almost) perfect match…

Talk Coffee celebrated our 10th anniversary in our beloved “man cave” (women are always most welcome too!) a month ago

Let me count the ways….

We’re three weeks in now and I’m calling it. In my opinion, the Etzinger etzMAX Medium W is the best powered grinder currently

When you get to brag about your coffee!

We are spoiled. So many great coffees and so little time to drink them. One of the reasons that Talk

Rocket Espresso R NINE ONE playtime…

As the hotly anticipated Australian launch of the Rocket Espresso R NINE ONE approaches, we thought it was time for

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