Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus

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Limited stocks of the Alex Duetto IV plus are due in store late September/Early October 2017. Pre-orders are now open.

Features of the Alex Duetto IV plus:

This espresso machine retains all of the great features of our Izzo Valexia Duetto IV- and more!

  • NEW: Australian spec. includes OEM Izzo naked portafilter ($95 value)
  • NEW: Drip tray with magnet to ensure optimum placement
  • NEW: Recessed cup tray for lower overall height with cups in place
  • NEW: Increased distance between drip tray and coffee group, for those who prefer larger cups
  • NEW: Increased distance from steam and hot water to body and full stainless front panel to avoid any damage from the wands
  • NEW: Pressure of the rotary pump can easily be adjusted from outside, through a hole placed laterally at the bottom of the machine
  • Boilers, solenoid valve, mushroom and gicleur all in stainless steel.
  • Certification NSF/ANSI 372 for coffee group and NSF certification for chromed parts.
  • Easy drainage for both boilers, through a valve at the bottom of the machine
  • Easy access for maintenance of the heating elements through the lower inspection plates
  • Shot-timer PID which indicates the shot time in seconds- activated by lifting the lever
  • When the machine is turned on, it’s possible to enable just the brew boiler according for espresso only usage
  • Switchable between internal water reservoir or fully plumbed connection to mains water supply


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