I can’t decide between the Izzo Vivi, Izzo Alex IV Plus and the Izzo Alex Duetto. Help me choose.

How do I choose?

This is a question we are frequently asked by purchasers considering an Izzo espresso machine. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right machine for you:

  • Do you plan on plumbing your machine to mains water now or in the future? 
    If so, the Vivi is out for you as you will require a machine with a rotary pump. Your options are then limited to the Izzo Alex IV Plus and the Izzo Alex Duetto. Both the Izzo Alex IV Plus and the Izzo Alex Duetto can also operate from their internal tanks.
  • I want the quietest machine possible.
    In general, rotary pump machines are quieter than those with vibration pumps. That would suggest that the rotary pump variants would be the quietest models. Your options are then limited to the Izzo Alex IV Plus and the Izzo Alex Duetto
  • I think I need a PID.
    All models except the Vivi Flat employ a PID with inbuilt shot timer.  In the real world of heat exchanger machines (which the Vivi and Alex IV plus are), it really makes little if any difference as water flowing to the group is merely flash heated in a tube which passes through the boiler. In the few seconds that water takes to move through that tube, a change of a degree or two in boiler temperature won’t make much difference, so we wouldn’t be choosing on this basis alone. Our buyers guide will show you some diagrams which explain the operation of heat exchanger boilers. PIDs are more expensive to replace but will probably have greater longevity in operation. In the dual boiler Duetto variants, the PID is however essential as it also controls brew temperature.
  • I’d like a shot timer
    Happy times! Most models have one
  • I think I need dual boiler so I can texture milk whilst pulling my shot
    Many people think this. All Izzo machines will do this. The benefit of the dual boiler in the  Alex Duetto and Vivi Duetto is that you gain shot temperature control.

So what do I get by purchasing once of these over a Rocket Espresso machine?

This is a really common question. In general:

  • Izzo machines are manufactured on a stainless steel chassis. You have to extend to the Rocket R NINE ONE to get a stainless steel chassis
  • Rocket Espresso machines are generally considered to be prettier
  • Izzo machines employ superior spring loaded hot water and steam valves (or toggles) as compared to the crush washers in the Rocket Appartamento/Mozzafiato/Giotto
  • The coffee will be the same!
  • Steam pressure is great in all of them, though we would call a win to the Alex Duetto over the Rocket R Cinquantotto
  • Some aspects of Izzo internal build are slightly better than Rocket Espresso, but not to the extent that there would be any influence whatsoever to longevity or service costs. You should feel safe to choose the variant you like. Both are excellent.
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