When things don’t go right…

Revisiting a Blog post- Originally from March 2018

We’re sad to state that the practice of “clickbaiting” remains alive and well. It’s highly unethical in our opinion and it should be illegal. Sadly although the ACCC frown on it, they don’t act on reports.

When a business also offers tax invoices “on request”, you’d have to wonder as to the motivation of that practice as well…

Local example and listed at large discounts on regular street prices are:

  • Expobar (out of stock) -refused supply of the brand by the importer
  • Macap (out of stock) -refused supply of the brand by the importer
  • Niche (out of stock) -refused supply of the brand by the importer
  • ECM (out of stock)
  • Brugnetti (out of stock)
  • Isomac (out of stock)
  • Mazzer (out of stock)
  • Victoria Arduino (out of stock)
  • Mahlkonig (out of stock)

Statements like: Grinder X competes with grinder Y for low retention and single dosing and beats it for grind and build quality lure gullible novices who might respond with words such as “Then I went back and looked at the website notes. They screamed at me “You don’t need that grinder, this one is all you need!!!” ….I became convinced. He was right!”

….He was actually very wrong. He could have supplied an identical base model of the same grinder for hundreds of dollars less and it would have delivered exactly the same results in the cup. You can’t use a timer to effectively single dose.

Our opinion?

When you hard-sell something you can get over something you would like to sell but have been refused supply of and then galvanise the sale with a bucket load of lies, easily misled clients may well purchase on the basis of misinformation. This is sale gained at the at the expense of credibility and reputation.

As for the particular grinder our clickbaiter doesn’t like and can’t source from the Australian importer, it is highly recommended by independent reviewers and and even a WBC champion- even if the reseller can’t actually source it. We’ll stand behind it with our experience and the opinions of trusted independent assessors who truly know their stuff.

We will never recommend that a timer grinder be used to weigh and then single dose. You want to try that, you buy the much cheaper manual version and play away. The grinder our clickbaiter sold is still far inferior the the grinder designed for single-dosing- pure and simple.

The March 2018 post in its entirety…

We had a call last week from a very friendly bloke who wanted to come visit and check out some gear.

He’d called a guy with “over 500 stars!” about a particular espresso machine which he was keen to view. “Come visit”, the guy said….and our bloke did.

On arrival, the espresso machine that our guy had asked about was nowhere to be seen and we’re told that what occurred was the high pressure hard-sell to purchase an alternate brand.

I was glad to hear that the hard-sell didn’t work on our guy who said he was really irritated to have wasted his time by driving out- for nothing.

Our guy and his lovely wife drove a whole heap further to visit us, tried the machines they were interested in and as our clients are often encouraged to do, went home to consider this large purchase.

Was there a happy ending? Yes, there was:

Our couple ended up replacing their old, dead appliance espresso machine with a newer version of the same machine.

It didn’t work out for us, but that’s ok as what is critical in this endeavour is that they obtained useful information, without the used car sales pressure. They considered their options and then made the right decision. They purchased the right machine for their needs.

What did we gain? We gained the opportunity to speak with some lovely people and two new members on our unpaid marketing team.

Good luck to our bloke, his partner and to that baby due any day now. We hope all goes well for our visitors and have no doubt that new espresso machine is going to get one serious workout in the next few years!

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