So when is a Giotto not a Giotto?

We have become aware that there are now cloned copies of Rocket Espresso Giotto Espresso machines available in Australia. These La Pavoni branded Giotto espresso machines are a blatant copy with a similar exterior and a substantial Isomac internal platform.

They are not a real Rocket Espresso Giotto any more than a Ferrari kit car with a Toyota engine is a Ferrari.

We have little doubt that informed buyers will recognise this for what it is: an imitation of the external design of a true Giotto. This imitation will ultimately have little resale value.

Talk Coffee does not and will not ever sell the product of companies which infringes the intellectual property of other companies.

We ask you to keep in mind the following considerations and we thank the CEO of Rocket Espresso Milan, Andrew Meo for providing us with the facts.

Andrew states:

  • “In July of 2007 the Rocket Espresso Group purchased from the Italian company ECM the Intellectual Property and full rights to the entire domestic espresso machine portfolio being produced and obtained a full restraint of trade from them.
  • In October of 2008 the Italian company ECM went into receivership.
    In 2010, La Pavoni through the UniVest group purchased the remainder of the ECM brand, being ONLY commercial machine production- as the rest of the business had been sold by ECM Italy in an endeavour to save itself from bankruptcy.
  • What needs to be very clear is that ECM NEVER produced the Giotto / Cellini, PID nor Evoluzione amongst other models and these models were ONLY EVER produced by Rocket Espresso from 2011.
  • Given this we now need to look at the timeline which clearly establishes that La Pavoni therefore copied a product that only ever existed in the Rocket Espresso model range, as La Pavoni bought ECM in February 2010 and the Evoluzione was produced in 2011.
  • The Rocket Espresso website has a Certified Authentic page where buyers can be assured they are purchasing the original Rocket Espresso machines and not copies. Rocket Espresso do not condone the copies of any product in any market.
  • For 9 years both Daniele Berenbruch and I have worked extremely hard to create a brand that we are extremely proud of. We will give our dealers and distributors our 100% support and if required take actions to protect infringements of our intellectual property in all markets.”
    Andrew Meo General Manager / Partner Rocket Espresso

Talk Coffee has proudly sold the product of ECM Italy and now, Rocket Espresso. We sold our first Giotto in 2005.

We offer our full support to Rocket Espresso and to the Australian Importer (Espresso Company Australia) and will not sell, service nor provide any support whatsoever for clones of any Rocket Espresso machinery. We also fully support Rocket Espresso in their right to protect infringements of their Intellectual Property in the Australian Espresso machine market.

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