Have you been sold a copy of a Rocket Espresso Giotto espresso machine?

Here are some pictures of real Rocket Espresso Giotto Espresso machines. How can you tell if yours is 100% authentic or a clone?

Firstly, your Giotto will have been imported by Espresso Company Australia.

Visually there are a number of marks of authentication to look for on every Rocket Espresso machine.

  1. Rocket Logo inside left-hand manometer gauge
  2. Rocket Badge on right-hand side of machine
  3. Rocket Serial Tag on underside of machine
  4. ‘R’ symbol engraved on chassis (from October 2012 only)
  5. Stamped Tap on all Giotto PID, Giotto Evoluzione R 58 and R 60V machines
  6. Minimalist incorporation of PID where employed- either via stealth installation behind drip tray or removable PID controller

Choose Rocket Espresso Certified Authentic. You will be repaid in build quality, parts support, a well-established, carefully selected and highly professional dealer network, reliability and resale value. Choose authentic.

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