Why choose Talk Coffee?

At Talk Coffee, you’re guaranteed individual service from a long standing company established in 2000. We discuss your requirements to help you choose the right espresso equipment for you. We will inform you of the pros and cons of a variety of equipment within your budget. No pitches, lies, fake or paid incentive Google reviews nor high pressure sales tactics- just honest advice.

  • On site roastery. Our coffee is always fresh!
  • Low overheads deliver you keen pricing.
  • We bench test and calibrate all espresso machinery we sell to ensure your gear is up and running quickly once it arrives home.
  • Unlimited after sales support.
  • We have a repair and service facility. Your espresso machine will not be sent away for repair.
  • Reciprocal warranty and repair in Australian capital cities and many regional areas as well.
  • Unlike some competitors, we have never wand will never attempt to sell grey import equipment. We care about your user experience and our credibility.
  • Bricks and mortar! We don’t operate from a kitchen bench with a couple of machines and a hidden sales agenda.
  • It’s not just a weekend hobby or to make some extra cash. This is our passion!
  • No cowboys, sales backflips nor snake oil sales.
  • You’re safe with us. We’ve been around for a long time and have a lifetime of experience.
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