Our coffee bags look like cr@p. Here’s why…

“We make our packaging ugly to help keep the environment pretty”

This is what our coffee bags look like and that’s before they travel- but there’s a really good reason why they look the way they do:

We’re a small roaster and yet we still use thousands of bags each year. There are big roasters who would use hundreds of thousands, if not millions of bags each year. These bags are frequently made of plasticised foil and they all end up in landfill. In a thousand years, they\’ll probably look just as pretty as they do now.

We searched long and hard for an environmentally friendly bag which would compost- even if it landed in landfill and our search led us to these Bio Foil Bags. It wasn’t easy to find anything which would work well with coffee, but they’re the best we can source. The bags are made of biodegradable brown kraft paper for a natural organic look on the outside and a high barrier biodegradable Bio Foil on the inside, which keeps our coffee fresh. They meet the BS EN 13432 ‘compostable’ criteria and that’s a really good thing. We pay double the cost of a traditional foil bag to purchase them, but we think they’re worth every cent! Even the valves and zips biodegrade.

So next time you grab some browns, do your bit and just pop the empty in the compost bin. We do recommend that the label be removed first as it’s produced using thermal processes and even though our labels are BPA free, they’re probably best left for your rubbish bin. Labelling is our next project…

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