Aillio Bullet R1 update

This update (01 May 2019) comes to us via Espresso Company Australia (appointed Australian Importer). It\’s republished with permission here:

Hello everyone!
We have just returned from a very exciting trip to Aillio HQ to get the latest news and updates for Australia. During the visit we were able to meet Maurizio who has joined the Aillio team to drive the final process of CB certification between Aillio and TUV (the accreditation body) Maurizio brings 25 years of expertise and skill to Aillio as an electronics engineer.
The Bullet R1v2 is a very different model to what has been currently available worldwide to date. Very soon, Australia will be the chosen launch pad for the new Bullet R1v2 with the new electronics and IR sensor. Australia has very strict criteria for CB Certification as it also falls under Domestic 240v /10amp electrical household products. The process has also led to the refinement of a number of additional features that has even further enhanced the Bullet R1v2.
Currently all finalised features for the Bullet R1v2 are now lodged with TUV for CB evaluation and subsequent CB certification. We will of course continue to update you with the progress and milestones as they become available. As well as the physical roaster there have been continued upgrades to the software that comes complimentary with the roaster. For further details on these developments please check out the Aillio website and Facebook feed or call us with any questions.
Until our next update
We thank you for your extended patience and understanding.

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