Cold drip brew guide

You will need:

  • your chosen 6 cup (circa 600ml) domestic cold drip hardware. We like the Cold Bruer but there are many designs
  • one or two filter paper or substitute Able disk/s. The Cold Bruer has an inbuilt lower filter, so only a top filter is required
  • fresh cold water and ice
  • around 80g of freshly ground coffee coarse- lighter roasts are best for this method. A little experimentation will help determine what works well for you.
  • a good few hours

What’s next?

  • Rinse the paper filters (if using them) or place the lower filter into the coffee glass- assuming it doesn’t have a fixed filter.
  • Add the ground over the first filter and give everything a settling shake
  • Cover the grounds with the second filter- metal or paper
  • Locate the coffee chamber into the unit as well as the lower part which will collect the coffee
  • Fill the upper chamber with ice cubes and cold water and then adjust the flow of the tap to 1-2 drops per second. Note that as the tap cools, you may have to readjust it
  • Check after 30 min and then readjust to 1 drop/second
  • Wait…for a long time!
  • Serve with ice/ice cream/milk or as you please!
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