When you purchase an espresso machine valued at $2.5k or more and settle your account via direct transfer or PayID, you have the choice of some Get to know you training in our roastery if you’re local OR these complimentary accessories in addition to any other inclusions offered with your machine. You get to choose. Just let us know in the notes to us from your shopping cart.

What’s on offer?

Our freebie pack consists of $116 of value added goodness:

  • An additional 500g of freshly roasted specialty coffee (min $27)
  • Grindenstein knock tube (black) $30
  • Rhino Pro milk jugs (300ml and 600ml) $44
  • Progear tamp mat ($15)
  • Izzo Espresso machines ship with an excellent tamper. No need to upgrade it! Rocket Espresso ships with a flat metal 58mm tamper which is adequate. VBM ships with an awful plastic tamper for your recycling bin. Upgrade to a Melbourne made Bogav 58.5 mm tamper for $99. Use NSQ43D6J as your discount code along with the 10% accessory discount coupon which will automatically appear at checkout.

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