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AiO by Aillio


Australian ETA TBA. Price “guesstimate” $22-24k.

The AiO is a fully-automatic 2kg roaster that requires no gas, fits on your countertop, and will provide enough fresh roasted coffee for even the busiest cafes in the world. It is a breath of fresh air for the coffee industry.

In-house roasting is the dream of many a cafe owner and barista  and would offer specialty coffee shops substantially more flexibility and freedom with their flavours- not to mention the potential cost-savings.

But in-house roasting, as currently practiced, doesn’t make sense for most businesses. Gas-powered medium-batch size roasters in the 3-5kg range remain the standard go-to move. Unfortunately, these machines are huge and unwieldy — and gas is an environmentally unfriendly hassle.

And then there is the biggest problem, that of time. Roasting great coffee on these traditional machines requires extensive training — and many hours spent babysitting each and every roast in order to guarantee consistency. Whatever cost-savings you may dream up while looking at green bean prices are inevitably eaten up by the problem of time.

With the AiO, roasting is hands free. Create your own profile or use one created for you and you’re good to go. Loading and cooling are automatic. All you need to do with the AiO is provide it with green beans and remove the freshly roasted coffee. It’s easy and practical and you can do it too- even if your cafe is really busy.

Don’t worry about gas lines or shop space or even finding someone with roasting expertise. Instead, imagine a headache-free experience. Visualise yourself roasting specialty-grade green coffee to near perfection — on site, in your store, as much as you will ever need. The coffee always fresh, always ready.



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