Art Series #6 Rocket Espresso Appartamento (Numero Sei)



This one-off collaboration with The Coffee Machinist was been named for what it is: Numero Sei. 

The machine began life as a Rocket Espresso Appartamento and has received $1000 (at cost) in upgrades and custom finish work.

  • Anodised dark grey aluminium billet side panel inserts replace the perspex
  • The drip tray, cover and sides have been bead blasted. The leading edge of the top cover was also bead blasted
  • Valve handle inserts, feet, hot water tip, e-61 leva and group components including the mushroom and exhaust have been hand-brushed. Upgrade to stainless cup guard: also hand brushed.
  • heat treatment to hot water tip, hot water valve insert to “blue them”

Art Series machines are always unique and cannot be repeated. Contact us if you’d like to discuss some ideas for your own personal Art Series espresso machine.


Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 65 × 70 × 55 cm

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