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Colombia El Divisio Ethiopia Landrace Washed 500g


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Roasting and to be snap frozen on June 13. Larger roast so you $ave!

Roasting to order on Monday and Thursday. Order prior to close of trade the previous day. Omniroast or power order for lighter or darker and we’ll roast them as you like! (Leave a message at purchase).

Colombia is where it’s all at these days. This lot is super interesting because it’s based on Ethiopia heirloom stock, but grown in Colombia. We just had to!

How did it get there? 

  • For years, this coffee was sold as Heirloom Chiroso Caturra until coffee geneticists discovered that Chiroso is actually Ethiopia Landrace coffee, an heirloom coffee native to Ethiopia.
  • Nobody is quite sure how the seeds made their way to Colombia, but what we do know is that Landrace is special stuff! It has spread throughout the region because farmers share beans as they deliver highly impressive cup quality.
  • Grading: TC Extreme beans (independent cup score 89.25)
  • Notes: Rose, tangerine, passionfruit, lime, and fresh mint notes into a milk chocolate and sweet orange zest finish.
  • Body:medium, sticky
  • Acidity: Raspberry and citrus (orange)
  • Roast: filter-omniroast
  • Drink: from day 7 (espresso), roast day (filter)

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Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 10 cm

100g, 500g

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Colombia El Divisio Ethiopia Landrace Washed 500g

Availability: In stock

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