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Honduras Nelson Soza Cerro Bonito Anaerobic process SHG 500g


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Roasted February 08

This is a super special anaerobic fermentation natural process microlot which originates from the producers at SOLCAFE in Western Honduras. At an omniroast, it delivers a full bodied espresso which will even work under milk. As a filter coffee, the fermentation notes emerge into a gorgeous, silky and refined cup.

The plantations are located in the Opalaca mountain range, which is an extensive and narrow mountain region spanning 50km at heights of over 2300masl

  • Grading: very high specialty (85+)
  • Notes: Boozy whisky notes into nectarine, raspberry and orange with a nut and spice and spice finish.
  • Body: moderate
  • Acidity: stone fruit
  • Roast: espresso/filter
  • Drink: from day 7 (espresso), from roast day (filter)

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