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India Kaapi Royale organic robusta 500g


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Roasting and to be snap frozen 03 June. Go on, live a little!

So you never thought that robusta coffee could be good? This one’s very, very good.

Indian Kaapi Royale is one of India’s finest washed robusta coffees; considered as specialty coffee- very rare in robusta coffees.

Robusta coffees are typically used to deliver body and crema in blends. There are very few specialty robusta coffees and this is one which can be consumed as a single origin coffee. Alternately add up to 20% by weight to your chosen beans and experiment!

Kaapi Royale is an A grade coffee which means it’s free from primary defects. It delivers big body and a predominant spice and chocolate cup profile, without any bitter or rubbery flavours: common in low quality commodity robusta. The coffee is washed, which greatly enhances its clean cup profile.

In the cup you will notice orange acidity and medium to full body with balanced salt and dark chocolate to finish. Later, you’ll get that pick me up zing as robusta coffee is higher in caffeine than arabica coffee.

If you have never tried a robusta coffee, you should!

Drink from day 15.

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India Kaapi Royale organic robusta 500g

Availability: In stock

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