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Izzo by Gruppo Izzo


The Izzo  (formerly Nuova Pompeii) employs a traditional spring lever to deliver outstanding espresso-pull after pull. This model replaces the conventional pressurestat of the original Pompei with a PID and allows for the choice of colour. It is available in black, white and graphite.

This machine is silent in operation and can be customised at with gas burners for LPG operation (2 group and above), electric or steam operated cup warmers and rotary pump for tank operation

Temperature stability is exceptional with the boiler being controlled by a commercial pressurestat.

Milk texture performance is outstanding with excellent dry steam and perfect microfoam is easy to obtain.

Available specification: graphite, red, white, 220 or 380V.

  • 1 group 220V: $10000
  • 2 group 220V/380V: $12000
  • 3 group 220V/380V: $14000
  • 4 group 380V: $16000
  • 5 group 380V: $27000

A wide range of accessories for this machine are available from our e-shopContact us for a shipping quote.

Vital Statistics
Boiler Capacity5L (1 gp), 12L (2 gp), 18L (3 gp)
Fresh Water Tankn/a mains plumbed only
Voltage220V 50Hz
Power consumption1950W (1 gp) , 3200W (2gp) 4700W (3 gp)
Dimensions (W x D x H)48 x 54 x 80 (1gp), 66 x 54 x 80 (2 gp), 96 x 54 x 80 (3gp)
Pumpoptional rotary pump
Weight65, 73, 83 kg respectively

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