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Yuletide blend 2023 500g


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Roasted December 21. Final roast 

For one month of the year, we roast our celebratory Yuletide blend and it will be ready for you soon!

This year’s version contains 50% Yemen Matari, Sumatra Blue Bianca, a washed Peru and a little Colombia Pink Bourbon

This coffee is our go to for Christmas in a cup! Think moderate acidity, chocolates, spice and and dried pudding fruit.

  • Grading: very high specialty
  • Notes: chocolates, spice and and dried pudding fruit.
  • Body: moderate-high
  • Acidity: low-mid
  • Roast: omniroast- filter or espresso
  • Drink: Immediately (filter) from day 7 (espresso)

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 12 cm

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